Focus Groups and Consumer Immersions

More energetic and alive than a classic focus group facility, this creative space in Downtown Los Angeles is designed to put consumers and clients at ease for a more authentic conversation.

Designed by forward-thinking market research professionals, the focus group space combines style, comfort, and chic details in a modern loft-setting with high-tech features for the next generation of empathetic consumer immersion.

Complete with several large QLED TV viewing monitors with wireless headphones, SONOS in every room, and an enclosed conference room with CCTV for private viewing, the space is perfect when you want to get away from the isolating effects of the one way mirror, and truly engage with consumers in a facility that feels welcoming and comfortable for both consumers and clients.

Clients and respondents have free range of the entire space. High ceilings, natural lighting, snacks, and modern kitchen amenities at your finger tips help maintain the energy in the group and the chic, relaxed living room atmosphere invites everyone to feel at home and enjoy an authentic conversation.

WhitespaceDTLA October 07, 2018-7.jpg
The place is gorgeous in person
WhitespaceDTLA October 07, 2018-6.jpg